Jon Sanders Strings plus Things, Creating Soundscapes 

A workshop on building a soundscape on strings and arranging accompaniment. If you’ve heard my sound… it’s not just plain ‘ol guitar. It has integrated bass lines, chord chops and stomp pedal 

I’d like to open up a few festival goers to the potential of their instruments even if they’re not strings to create uniqueness, which helps sell an act and make it stand out from the rest…

What does that mean?..
I’ve spent the last 22 years creating a unique sound on strings by adding a second pick-up under the bass string on guitar and bouzouki and interesting bass lines in with chords. I also add a simo pedal to get the kick drum sound and work that together with the bass lines. In between I use chords to colour the sound.

What I like about this idea is that it can transcend instrument type. It’s about broadening the mind, thinking outside the box but living in it. This isn’t everyday stuff. But I’m willing to share some trix!!

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