Guitar Q&A with Nigel Gavin

Everything you always wanted to know about the guitar but were afraid to

Nigel will be happy to answer your questions about both the guitar as an
instrument and the techniques he incorporates in his playing.

Nigel Gavin has long been a featured player in New Zealand’s eclectic
music scene, playing with bands as diverse as the Nairobi Trio,
Whirimako Black, the Fondue Set, the Jews Brothers, Lorina Harding,
Wayne Gillespie, Richard Adams, the Blue Bottom Stompers, Below the
Bassline, Jonathan Besser’s Bravura and his own Snorkel, to name just
a few. An active and keen mentor to musicians of all ages, Nigel is the
founder and director of the Gitbox Rebellion guitar ensemble. He has
toured around the world with Robert Fripp, of ‘King Crimson’ fame,
and his ‘League of Crafty Guitarists’, giving concerts and workshops
and is a founding member of the Tiny Orchestral Moments international
music collaboration project in Seattle, USA.


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