Blackboard concerts

Always a highlight at festivals.

Festival goers wanting to perform, put their names on the blackboard, and perform in front of an appreciative audience with an experienced soundman at the helm, making performers sound their best

There is a stage crew on hand to help set up required microphones and attend to performers needs

Musicians and performers can perform in groups, with friends accompanying them or solo

Limit of two songs per performer/group.


Young teens to tots

Mums and Dads encourage your children to share ‘that little something’ special, funny, unique, quirky. Be it a poem or song, an act, a joke, or another special talent.

Children’s blackboard concerts are a wonderful opportunity for your children, both young and slightly older to showcase their talents. All levels of skill will be appreciated and encouraged.

Children are magic on stage and this gives your children a unique opportunity to perform in front of a very appreciative audience while using professional sound equipment.

Limit of two songs per child/group

Often groups of young musicians will gather and put on a performance. These are generally of very high standard, from young performers who have studied music, or been bought up in musical families and attended multiple festivals themselves from early childhood.

A great experience for the kids – come and support the performers of the future

Three blackboard and two children’s blackboard concerts scheduled, check the timetable for venues and times.

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