Youth Band Workshops: The Sound of the Next Folk Generation

Love music? Love working with other young people? Interested in learning performance; sound, song-writing and ensemble skills, sharing the music you have created as a band to a appreciative live audience?

You’ve come to the right place. Over the years, we’ve worked with many youth who have blossomed in the youth band project, a supported opportunity to utilise your creative initiative and get involved in music. Three sessions led by our team of experienced musicians to help with instrumentation, arrangements, song-writing and band development. There will be a dedicated room for the youth band for ongoing practice sessions.

The Youth band workshop is: an encouraging learning environment and clear goals to help accelerate your achievement collaborating with like-minded peers main stage for the final concert to enhance your performance skills a recording of your composition/performance.

Throughout the programme, we will be producing truly authentic youth band – run by music professionals and a social worker for young people, to create a key performance opportunities. By investing in the next generation of folk musicians with mentorship and practical experience, the workshop will create a learning environment where creativity can flourish.

Facilitators of the Youth Band are:

Willie McArthur
I’m Willie McArthur , I’m Scottish living in Christchurch. I’m a full time musician of over 20 years. I am a one man band. I run an open mic, play solo and in bands. I sing and play guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica, tin whistle and low whistles, bodhran and other percussion.
I will be leading the workshop along with Danielle Bakker and Olivia Hope Wilson
I would love to produce 2 original pieces of music with cool arrangements, and lots of collaboration from the group, with harmonies and lots of different instruments and a varied age range.
I would be happy with a team working together, making friends, and 2 pieces of music we are all happy with.👍🤩👍 

Olivia Wilson
Unlike Danielle and Willie this is my first time at the Canterbury Folk Festival but definitely not my first time on stage 🙂.
I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember, always being Strongly (and I mean strongly) encouraged to get up and perform with my parents who are both professional musicians.
I’ve been in multiple choirs over the past six years and even lead a waiata group at work – yes, I have a day job 😉.
I’m hoping to help with vocal and physical warm-ups to help you get in the zone, vocal harmonies, and stage presence.
Looking forward to meeting all of you and getting creative! 🎶 🎤 🎶

Danielle Bakker
Hey guys, I have been a member of the Christchurch Folk Club for 41 years, a child of two performing parents I was a frequent attendee of folk festivals.
I have been on stage and singing since the age of 4 and have a background in Youth Work.
My main musical input will be around the vocals and lyrics.
This will be my 4th year running this along with Willie McArthur and has been such a wonderful experience every time for all who join!
Looking forward to another great show 😊 🎧 😊

A private Facebook Group has been set up to allow interested youth performers to discuss their plans, interests and skills regarding the 2020 Youth Band Workshop at the Canterbury Folk Festival.

We have kept the group page locked and invisible, so it is safe and “Invite only”, so feel free to invite your friends to participate. This group is more for youth band crew and band. Once you have enrolled for the festival you will be sent a link to join the private Facebook group.

A great experiential way to learn music skills. Please share with your students, family and friends.

Any parental requests should be sent to 

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