Demystifying the Fretboard: Don’t Be Daunted by that Scary Long Neck!

This guitar theory workshop offers some tips to anyone seeking a direction for exploring beyond the scope of the first few frets and gaining an elementary understanding of the logic of it all.

You can do so much on those first few frets that it’s easy to allow complacency to set in. Once I started exploring, I became fascinated with the formulaic way the fretboard works and how a little understanding goes a long way towards being able to improvise and contribute something in almost any jam situation. It was a long journey of discovery and now I’m offering you the shortcut, a direction towards the Great Leap Forward!

The workshop will cover
* Name the Notes: Simple tips to help you to get to know the notes up the neck
*Root out the Root: identifying the root note
* The Key to the Key: What key is it in? What chords can I use?
* Nail a Scale: The logic and value of scales
* Build a Chord: It’s all in the formula

44th Canterbury Folk Festival, 19-22 April 2019 - a family-friendly weekend featuring the best in acoustic/folk music at the Waipara Adventure Centre, North Canterbury

2019 performer applications have now closed.

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