Straight from the Soundie’s Mouth a Microphone Workshop led by Steve Barkman

As well as being a luthier for the last 29 years, Steve has been behind the ‘desk’, (as well as ‘under the table’) at quite a few festivals for practically as long. I know it’s hard to believe, he doesn’t even look 29!

This has given him lots of time to observe both amateur and professional stage performers with both good and bad microphone technique, and some pretty weird other stuff as well.
Some of which he will share with you if you come along to his ‘New-age, sensitive, microphone technique’ workshop.

Topics covered will be:
1. Sound systems basic terminology, so you know what I’m talking about. 
i.e. FOH, gain, monitors, DIs, etc, etc
2. Why and how to make ‘mic’ (yes. It’s ‘mic.’ short for microphone. NOT 
‘Mike’, short for Michael!) your friend
3. Getting your message across
4. How to keep the ‘soundie’ happy and smiling, and why the ‘soundie’ 
should do the same for you
5. DI’s. What to do with them and how to do it
6. Foldback/monitors, what YOU should hear, and how to get it
7. How to sound your best, vocal techniques
8. Questions/general discussion
9. Get up there, and put it into action!

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