Jess Bailey of Fables will present a workshop on songwriting including tips for beginners, Q&A for all levels and song critiques. Coming from a background of visual arts, Jess will impart techniques to write songs that paint a picture - bring lyrics of a song to workshop or start fresh

Why are some guitar keys easier than others? How can you switch chords smoothly without leaving “holes” and nasty noises in your song? How do you get the smooth, gliding sound of open tuning- while in regular tuning?

In this workshop, we will explore right-hand techniques that will add new colors to your guitar-player’s palette. We’ll also use open strings to switch positions, add color to existing ‘normal’ chords, and to get those close interval “clusters” that sound so cool. We will learn how to play in keys like F and B and make them easier to sound good in. Some music theory, but only in the service of enabling your sound to get smoother, cleaner, and more soulful. It’s helpful for attendees to understand note names and how chords are built (1, 3, 5, etc), but it’s not necessary.

Bring your guitar, but this is NOT just for guitar fanatics! I’ll also play a few guitar pieces to demonstrate, so music loving listeners are also absolutely welcome.

Mark Lemaire is a guitarist and vocalist with over 45 years of experience on stage and in the studio. He is also a producer and recording engineer for music ranging from singer-songwriter to symphony orchestra. Find out more at and at

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