Secret Lives of Ukulele

Secret Lives of Ukulele are a Multi-Genre Ukulele Extravaganza from

A visual and audio spectacular; a funky-punky-folky party mix of the
uniquely original and the surprisingly familiar. A Genre Busting Mash-up
of everything you ever hoped for in a Ukulele Big Band!

The band could mention such recent “triumphs” at the Christchurch
Buskers Festival kicking off the “Festival  Gala Event” at the Isaac
Theatre Royal, however you will have the chance to enjoy the hum at the
Friday late night dance as this ukulele extravaganza bring dance moving
music where enthusiasm and passion meet the vibes.

Nothing if not eclectic “The Secret Lives of Ukuleles” play everything
from Glam/Country/Reggae/Indie-pop and beyond!

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