Jess Bailey of Fables will present a workshop on songwriting including tips for beginners, Q&A for all levels and song critiques. Coming from a background of visual arts, Jess will impart techniques to write songs that paint a picture - bring lyrics of a song to workshop or start fresh

The Pop-Up UKESTRA is a conducted community Uke experience with skill differentiated parts,
enabling all levels of players to participate with ease. This includes a selected lead singer for each
song, soloist and a Uke-bass player to add the structure. Timing and rhythm are key to songs
sounding good and each song will start with learning the basic count and embedding the chord
sequence under our fingers.
An opportunity to learn songs really well, The Pop-Up Ukestra delivers ‘teachable moments’ in the
context of the song so you’ll be notching up your skill/theory/memory level as well as having fun &
singing. The Pop-Up Ukestra is an immersive uke experience that ends in a public performance
without sheet music – suitable for ages 8 -108 who have at least C, F G7 under their fingers!

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