Melissa & The Dr

The great musical skills of both the Dr and Melissa makes for a great evening’s entertainment.

Take two keen country music aficionados from two different countries, generations and stylistic leanings, season with lead and harmony vocals reminiscent of Emmylou and Gram, Dolly and Porter, Tammy and George, add a dash of chemistry and you have the duo that is Melissa Partridge and Dr Twang (Hyram Twang). Both have years of performing experience under their hats, that is if they wore hats. Together they play a collection of stripped down classic country duets as well as alt-country and Americana tunes – some sweet, some bittersweet, some downright tragic – all delivered with feeling and style. Melissa & The Dr have performed together at a number of gigs – stage shows, festivals, bars, cafes, small halls and back streets and are looking to take their sound to the honky tonks and country bars of the greater Mosgiel area and the World.

“Partridge is without a doubt one of the finest singers of country music in New Zealand. Her emotive, understated, delivery is reminiscent of a young Emmylou Harris, with the added dimension of a warm Kiwi earthiness. The good Doctor has this music in his pedigree – a southwest desert wind blows through every strummed chord or keening harmony and he knows just when to pull back and let Partridge’s vocal soar. As a duo, Melissa & The Dr bleed authenticity – this is Americana unfiltered, straight from the source. Hank would shed a tear.” – Bill Morris singer/songwriter/film maker

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