Denmark , Ghana and Sweden, is inspired by the exciting and very varied cultures of the
five experienced musicians in the band – We fusion the different cultures and genres that are brought into
the band, but always with respect form the origin of the traditions –

By our touring in UK over the last years, we met Scottish Mairi Campbell and we’re happy to invite her to come and play and sing with us.

On a mild autumn evening in March at one of Australia’s major folk festivals, the huge crowd in the big marquee clap and shout their admiration for the band on
stage. This is a Himmerland concert, and this Danish band is one of the most travelled outfits on Denmark’s roots and folk music scene.

Right now it is the drummer that has all the audience’s attention. Bathed in coloured light from the spots, he sings and dances around behind his drum- kit,
while his hands flash over the skins so fast that the eye can hardly keep up with them.

Then the rest of the band join in on saxophone, violin, guitar and electric bass, and the marquee throbs with new roots and world music and happy listeners. It
is as though everybody in the place has drunk of the same magic, intoxicating potion.

Himmerland tours in large parts of the world these years, performing new music rooted in the very different styles, cultures and traditions of five outstanding and
very experienced composers and musicians.Where ever the band play, they bewitch and spread warmth and happiness amongst people, performing their unique blend of old Danish ballads, whirling fiddle tunes, equilibristic improvisations, and new fascinating music composed
and arranged by the band members.

HIMMERLAND 2019 With mairi Campbell is Eskil Romme (sax), Jens Ulvsand (bouzouki, vocals), Mairi
Campbell (Vocal, Viola), Emil Ringtved (electric bass) og Ayi Solomon (percussion) .

Himmerland have found their direction(s)and are moving very much ahead”. – Chris Nickson
Himmerland were hot, they knew what they were doing and they did it very
well!” – The Blog “Life with a Blackdog”, Canberra, Australia
“Mairi Campbell has got to be one of the most fascinating women on the planet.” – Mike Harding, The Mike
Harding Folk Show

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