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Flora Knight and Sean Donald

Soon after their first high five, Sean Donald (CAN) and Flora knight (CAN/NZ) slipped into a kindred musical bond and began singing close country harmonies and digging out dusty old fiddle tunes.

In respect of such things in common they have travelled and played in more than four countries together, fighting off bears, welcoming adventures and doing their best to soak up a small part of a musical history through the communities that they encounter along the way.

The music that Sean and Flora play is reminiscent of a bygone era that resist the wear of time. Whether it’s a rip roaring ragtime fiddle tune, a mournful country classic, or a sweet and silly waltz played in an old dance hall , in a living room, on a street corner or by a bonfire Sean and Flora will play til their fingers bleed for whoever’ll take a minute to stop and listen.

2017 will see Flora and Sean releasing their debut album, and frequently touring New Zealand.

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