Yes, we all know that the name conjures up a myriad of ideas however this is a concert that draws together some amazing and on the spot bands from festival participants. In each group there is at least one guest artist plus a group of musicians who have put their names into the hat. Once the names are drawn out; each group negotiates the song that they will perform, rehearse, with this dedicated work and collaboration culminating in a concert. These concerts are always well attended as the opportunity to see some real treasures of performances as combinations cross the boundaries of age, talents, genres and instrumentation.

Festival attendees who wish to participate enter their names in the draw by 10:00 am on Saturday. The names are then drawn groups. These randomly selected groups meet, choose and rehearse a song / piece of music to perform at the Blind Date Concert 4:45pm Sunday afternoon in the main hall

All family members are invited to join, and it’s always a treat when the wee ones are on stage performing.

Your chance to perform with the guest artists with great sound and an appreciative audience.



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